Imagine making more, working less, and being with your kids...


without having to do any of the things that you hate.


Say goodbye to daycare drop-off, daily commutes, requesting sick days, and spending more time at your desk than you do with your family.

I'm going to bust through three myths that are actually holding you back from starting your own business and working from home.

You can make more, work less and be with your kids. Let me show you exactly how to do it.

Bring a pencil. You will want to take notes.

Pro Tip: Stay till the end for a bonus. I will share my most powerful tool to help drive your success!



The myths we are going to bust...



You must work at least 8 hours per day to be a success in your own business.


MYTH #2 🤎


You must work in perfect conditions.  




I can't do this. My life is complicated because of... (fill in the blank).


About your Instructor:

Kristin Ingram

Hi! I'm Kristin Ingram. I'm a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with over 20 years experience. I recently retired from teaching high level accounting and taxation courses as a college professor.

I created, teach and support members of Bookkeeper Training School full time and own an accounting firm.

But my # 1 job is being a wife and mom. Just like you.

I work with small business owners all over the country, and one of the questions I always get asked on our first call is, "Do you know any good bookkeepers?"

Good bookkeepers are in demand...and they are hard to find...until now.

You can become a good bookkeeper.

You can make a good living providing valuable bookkeeping services for your clients - working from home.

I can teach you how.

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