Episode 140 - Spring cleaning your busy work


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When's the last time you actually paid attention to all the crap you do each day, week, or month in your business? Today, we challenge you to do some busy work spring cleaning.

No, we don't mean do some spring cleaning as busy work, but let's clean out that list of busy work that's keeping you from actually doing the important stuff in your business. You know, like marketing and selling.

The challenge: In the next two weeks, identify, eliminate, batch, delegate, and automate!

  1. Look at all the tasks you do over the next 30 days
    • Include business and home tasks
    • Use the Daily Focus Planner to record what you do each day
    • Think about how each task affects your time and your mental energy
  2.  What can you eliminate?
    • Unsubscribe
    • Delete apps
    • Turn off notifications
    • Opt for email vs. paper bills and put things on autopay
    • Put clients on recurring billing and automatic monthly payment
  3. What can you batch?
    • Blog posts
    • Social media
    • Event posting on Facebook
    • Editing
    • Newsletters
  4. What can you outsource?
    • Lawn care
    • House cleaning
    • Grocery shopping (Instacart, Peapod, or check your local grocery store)
    • Email management
    • Social media management
    • Customer service
    • Website and tech support
    • Bookkeeping
  5. What can you automate?
    • Bill payments
    • Bookkeeping
    • Website updates
    • Computer backups
    • Look at tools like IFTT and Zapier for more ideas

Join the Facebook group to follow along with the challenge. The challenge starts Monday, May 21, 2018, but you can join at any time. 

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