Episode 117 – Creating a destination location

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Join Kristin and I as we go deeper into the future trend of small biz retail. The destination location.

Why are destination locations become so appealing?

  • Are you a destination or location?
    • Destinations rely on people to make a conscious decision to stop at your business
    • Locations rely on high traffic areas to bring in customers
  • Creates a larger potential audience
  • Become a place people must see if near your area
  • Not just for craft stores
    • Jordan’s Furniture
      • IMAX theaters, rope courses, Christmas village, Ice skating rink
    • Ikea
      • Kids play area, restaurant, interesting products
    • Webs
      • Classes, one of the largest yarn stores in the U.S., knowledgeable staff
    • King Arthur Flour
      • Classes, knowledgeable staff, large selection of baking supplies that are hard to find else ware (except on their website)
    • Loveless Café
      • Good food, shopping, national...
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Episode 108 – What is the future of Small Business? Small Biz 2.0

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Small businesses are formed for many reasons. We started ours because we loved our hobby of teaching, inspiring, and entertaining people. There are many reasons to start a small biz. You might want to work for yourself or make some more money. However, we live in a changing world. We cannot afford to lose track of the trends in small business or we risk losing the business we love. So we need to understand, where small business if going.

What is the biggest change coming to small biz?

There are many changes that will continue to happen with Small Business. Record numbers will be starting up and failing every year. However, the biggest change is that the older definitions will start disappearing. Local business versus international business and online business versus offline business will merge into business.

It really has been changing with the invention of the online...

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