Episode 111 – The missing key to better search rankings

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I have been work on web applications for over a decade. It is an ever-changing environment that can be confusing for a person that has created apps and websites for a living.

So, I am not surprised for a second that many entrepreneurs are confused by the technical side of their website.   

Most website owners fail to understand that there is that SEO optimization is about much more than Keyword strategies.  Search engines like google want their users to not only find the best articles on a search. They want them to have a great experience on the site they are going to. Mobile friendly and website speed are essential parts of this experience.

So, join Kristin and I as we talk about the complete picture of Website Optimization.  And the simple SBL WordPress Optimization Checklist to get started with the easiest problems to...

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Episode 95 – Get the most out of your vanity metrics

Why do we always look at numbers that mean very little?

Vanity metrics are the numbers that push most online businesses. However, they are just that vanity. They can make us feel great when they look good or grow.  However, if they are low then we feel horrible. It makes us what to stop.   

However, we need to remember that good or bad they mean nothing on their own.  Views, downloads, likes, views, and hearts all mean nothing on their own. 

VS what we need to know

What we need to look at is revenue, customers,  conversion, cost or ultimately profit. 

However, when we start a business those numbers are bad.  They are the numbers of "old" business.  They are not as sleek and sexy as these more modern metrics that make us feel like we are at least helping others even if we are not yet making money.

We understand 

We are looking for validation as well.  We want profits.  However, we do this to help people....

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Episode 88 – Want more customers? Improve website navigation

business/career website May 21, 2017

Most of the business owners I have met start thinking about their website in the wrong terms. They worry about how modern or "beautiful" their website looks. 

However, this is the wrong thing. When we start creating the site, our first concern should be how our visitors can find the content, product, or service they are looking for and then focus on how it looks.

Build your website for the audience you want to attract.

I do believe that the style of a website is important. I have left sites that look hideous. However, I mean hideous, not less the perfect or because it looks old.

The most common reason I leave websites is that I cannot find what I am looking for or it is not usable. As soon as I am confused and annoyed, I bounce.

It is not too late for your site

You are not alone if you want your site or be modern and pretty but far too often businesses do not think about what the user will experience on their site. Check out the episode below and learn...

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Episode 80 – How to listen to your customers online

Why is listening to customers still valuable online?

A business online is moving the way of the dinosaurs.  Even in the smallest companies, 73% are expected to have websites by the end of 2017. As the move to online happens, it becomes harder to perform the essential task of a business owner. We do not know how to listen to people we never meet.

Why is it difficult?

Even if we interact with some people in social media.  How many of those move to the website? How many of those buy from us or ever purchase one of our products?

 We completely understand the problems of feeling lost when you interact with only a small portion of your online traffic.  Across out platforms, we served people a little more than 990,000 times, and from that, we had under 10,000 interactions with people in social media.

 So, we looked to better listen to the people we educate online. We knew we needed to up our listening skills.  We knew we need to find a new way to listen.


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Episode 50 - YouTube Basics

YouTube is a very powerful platform for small business owners, however very few actually utilize it for growing their business. In this episode, we discuss why you should be on YouTube and some of our top YouTube tips. 

Why your business should be on YouTube

Most people don't realize that YouTube is one of the largest social media networks. The site has 1.3 billion users (Facebook has 1.44 billion users) and 5 billion videos are viewed each day. However, only 9% of small businesses are putting videos up on the platform. There is a huge opportunity for small businesses to get onto YouTube before most of your competition arrives.

YouTube also allows you to easily share your content on websites and across social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Facebook wants to keep people within the Facebook app which limits the ability for your customers to find you. YouTube is backed by Google, which means that your videos can show up in Google search results.

YouTube is also...

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Episode 47 - Trolls, haters, and critics

When you put yourself and your business in the public eye, you are going to face critics. In this episode, we discuss how to assess critics to determine if the criticism is valid and how to deal with it. 

Types of Critics

There are many types of critics out there. Some may have good intentions but many do not. Assessing which type of critic you are being confronted with helps you deal with them better.


Trolls are people who go around the internet trying to get a rise out of people. They thrive on pissing people off. Their criticism is typically not valid as they do not have a personal stake in your business and are just trying to get you to react angrily.


Haters are people who have a personal stake in taking you down. This are different from trolls because haters are targeting you for some reason. Either they do not like your success or they are competitors that are trying to take you down. You cannot make these people happy and you should probably take their...

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Episode 44 - Surviving in world gone crazy

If you are watching the news or following social media, you are being bombarded by so much negativity. There have been a flurry of tragedies, both in the U.S. and around the world. As a small business owner, how do you keep going? In this episode, we discuss this very important topic and give you suggestions to keep pressing on.  

Violent crime is down almost 50% from the 1990's, but you wouldn't know it from watching the news and checking your social media feed. The 24-hour news stations know people will watch tragic events, so they cover them. Sometimes, we just need to turn off the TV. Sometimes, we need to shut our browser, or close our social media apps.  

In the 1960's, we were united in the space race. In the 1980's, it was the Cold War that held us together. Now, we focus so much on what divides us, we sometimes forget what unites us. We spend a lot of time tearing each other down, rather than trying to build each other up and finding our commonalities. Let's...

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Episode 42 - Working with your website stats

Are you looking at your website stats? What are you looking for? Do you see the numbers and aren't sure what they mean? In this episode, we discuss where you can find your website stats, what you should be looking at, and what you can do with them to grow your business.

Where do you find your website stats and your competitors stats?

Did you know you can find a lot of data about your site and your competitors' sites? We use the following sites to look at our stats and the stats of other sites:


Alexa is one of the main sources for finding general information about your site and others. The site must be one of the top one million websites to get good information. The site will tell you the international and U.S. web ranking, bounce rate, time on the site, and lots more. You can find out what sites are linking to the site and key search words and phrases.

Similar Web

Similar Web is also a great resource for looking up your site and your competitors. It can also help you find...

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Episode 41 - SEO Tips for 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. In this episode, we discuss the top SEO tips for 2016. If you haven't looked at the rules for a while, you might be shocked to see how much things have changed in the past few years. We look at two major categories that affect your ranking: technology and content.

Announcement: Jeff and Kristin will be presenting at Launch Out St. Louis on July 22 and 23, 2016. The workshop is titled "Stop the Excuses: Building the business of your dreams." If you are interested in coming to see us, use the code ingram16 to save $25 on your conference ticket. If you are going to the conference, give us a shout out on Twitter @SBLPodcast, or post in the Facebook group.

SEO in 2016 is about user experience

In the past, the focus of SEO was short posts, keywords, and lots of graphics. In 2016, the search engines are getting smarter, and therefore they expect your content to be smarter. If you think you can just write short posts packed with...

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Episode 40 - 2 mistakes that can destroy your business

We have seen so many businesses fail because they are not focusing on the two most important aspects of their business: building an audience and providing products and/or services. 

Audience building

Even if you have the most amazing products and services in the world, if you have no audience then you will have no sales. Building an audience is a critical step for success. Here are some tips for building an audience.

  • Don't just drop content into social media. You need to interact with others.
  • Share valuable content written by others with your audience.
  • Check out Hashtagify.me for hashtags that people are using on social media to help you connect with others.
  • Ask your audience to engage with you in your email newsletter. A simple question at the end of your email asking people to reply and respond can really help you connect with others.
  • Respond to emails you receive from your audience.
  • Use targeted online ads based on your avatar's demographics and interests that are relevant...
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