Episode 160 - This was Small Biz Life


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This was the toughest week for us at Small Biz Life We started this project with being ambitions, however, we had to make the tough choice to close it done. We love our members and hope that the future access to this content will help you as you grow in your businesses. 

This website and podcast will not go down and the Focus Master Plan and Mastering your Time is still available to our members and for sale if you want to get started on those systems to help your business. Ingram Digital Media is not going away we have just stopped publishing new episodes and have closed the membership group.

Kristin will be focusing on Accounting in Focus

Kristin will be spending more time helping college students thrive in their mandatory accounting classes in college at AccountingInFocus.com and teach all college students to get more studying done in less time at CollegeSuccessHacks.com.

Jeff will be focusing on world building and focus more on releasing his first book.

Jeffery will continue advocating on the Worldbuilder's Anvil Podcast at Gardul.com and finishing up his first fantasy fiction novel. 

Both of us will still continue to service clients as well. If you are looking for Business strategy, Tax Services, or help with your WordPress site email us at [email protected]


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