Episode 136 - How to grow your business without working for free

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As business owners, we often feel the pressure to give away our work for free. For new service providers, it can feel especially tempting.

This idea does make us feel good in the short term, however, they can lead to stress later on when we are desperately trying to get more money to feed our families. Join Kristin and Jeff as they look at three things will allow you to help people while growing your business.


Share your knowledge

Build your own business


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Episode 118 - The basics of Online Summits

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Kristin and I are always looking for ways to grow our online business. So we have started researching creating an online conference or summit.  They offer much of the benefits of a real-life conference with networking and sales. However, the can be put together at a fraction of the cost.

  • What are they?
    • More advanced than other forms of outreach content. However,
    • Online only conferences
    • Typically, free content for a limited time
    • Typically sells with lifetimes sales product “All-Access Pass”
  • What are they good for?
    • Building your authority
    • Building your email list
    • Creating a product to sell
      • Possibly evergreen
  • And What do I need to do them?
    • Ability to record the video interviews
      • Hangouts / Skype
    • Platform to deliver the content for free
      • Could be embedded YouTube Videos
    • Platform to upsell the content
      • Redirect all old...
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Episode 117 – Creating a destination location

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Join Kristin and I as we go deeper into the future trend of small biz retail. The destination location.

Why are destination locations become so appealing?

  • Are you a destination or location?
    • Destinations rely on people to make a conscious decision to stop at your business
    • Locations rely on high traffic areas to bring in customers
  • Creates a larger potential audience
  • Become a place people must see if near your area
  • Not just for craft stores
    • Jordan’s Furniture
      • IMAX theaters, rope courses, Christmas village, Ice skating rink
    • Ikea
      • Kids play area, restaurant, interesting products
    • Webs
      • Classes, one of the largest yarn stores in the U.S., knowledgeable staff
    • King Arthur Flour
      • Classes, knowledgeable staff, large selection of baking supplies that are hard to find else ware (except on their website)
    • Loveless Café
      • Good food, shopping, national...
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Episode 115 – Using Facebook Events to grow your business

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Facebook keeps changing how it shares information with its users. Many times they make these very attractive for business owners and then when more people use it throttle it back page grew and then groups. However, Facebook reduced the usefulness without paying for Ads.

Do not get upset, change your focus to Facebook Events. Join Kristin and Jeff as the look at how you use facebook events to grow your business.

Why use Facebook Events

  • Facebook events are not just for concerts and fairs. Any event can be a Facebook event.
  • Facebook events get great visibility
  • Facebook events remind your audience
  • Easily invite people – make them feel special
  • Stream live inside an event

Ideas for events that will work well with Facebook

  • Grand openings
  • Anniversary events
  • Special sales
  • Webinars
  • Unboxing events
  • Trunk shows
  • Special hours
  • Pop-up events
  • Craft shows
  • Classes
  • ...
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Episode 114 – Building an Audience

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Why is it when Kristin and I talk to business owners about problems with marketing and sales they always seem adverse to the idea of building an audience in any fashion. Many will spend time developing content for platforms and leave the content hidden among the billions of sites on the internet and billions and billions of post in social media.

Many owners will:

  • Create content
  • Look at engagement
  • Look at page views
  • Look at followers
  • give up if creating the material does not generate an audience

Building an audience takes effort

It is marketing. It takes energy, strategy, and persistence. There is NO easy button. However, why spend the time creating valuable content without spending the time to turn that content into a marketing guru for your company.

You can build a machine that will generate you a predictable number of leads a month, which will lead to...

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Episode 95 – Get the most out of your vanity metrics

Why do we always look at numbers that mean very little?

Vanity metrics are the numbers that push most online businesses. However, they are just that vanity. They can make us feel great when they look good or grow.  However, if they are low then we feel horrible. It makes us what to stop.   

However, we need to remember that good or bad they mean nothing on their own.  Views, downloads, likes, views, and hearts all mean nothing on their own. 

VS what we need to know

What we need to look at is revenue, customers,  conversion, cost or ultimately profit. 

However, when we start a business those numbers are bad.  They are the numbers of "old" business.  They are not as sleek and sexy as these more modern metrics that make us feel like we are at least helping others even if we are not yet making money.

We understand 

We are looking for validation as well.  We want profits.  However, we do this to help people....

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Episode 87 - 5 keys to creating connections

People want to do business with people they like and trust. The only way to create those relationships is to build connections. In this episode, we discuss the 5 keys to creating connections.

How can we create meaningful connections?

Many small business owners struggle with customer acquisition. Traditional advertising doesn't work and many are leery about social media or just don't know what to post. 

Today, people want to do business with brands they like and trust. However, many small business owners are waiting for a prospect to become a client before attempting to build relationships. When you start relationship building earlier in the process, it is more likely that a prospect will become a long-time customer. 

In this week's episode, we go in depth on the 5 key components to building connections. These components can be used online and in live networking scenarios. 

  1. Be authentic
  2. Show authority
  3. Bring your personality
  4. Provide value
  5. Be accessible 
  6. ...
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Episode 55 - How to use storytelling in your business

Everyone tells you that stories sell but few people really explain how to do that. In this episode, we discuss how to tell stories in your business and the six elements needed to develop a compelling story.

Elements of a story

  1. Theme
  2. Conflict
  3. Characters
  4. Plot
  5. Setting
  6. Audience

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Episode 54 - Email list basics

Everyone says you need an email list but few people really tell you how to start one or what to do with it once you have it. In this episode, we will discuss email list basics to help you get started or to more effectively use your list. We will also discuss the basics of the Can Spam Act, which is the law that regulates commercial email.

If you aren't sure why you need an email list, check out episode 27.

Things to consider when setting up your email list

  1. Have a plan to monetize your list
  2. Figure out where to put sign up opportunities on your website
  3. Create an opt-in offer
  4. Develop a content calendar with email frequency

Creating an opt-in offer

A free email opt-in offer is a great way to get people to sign up. This offer does not need to be a full length book or course. It should have great value but does not need to be time consuming to create. Here are some examples of opt-in offers:

  1. Free PDF mini-book or checklist
  2. Promise exclusive content
  3. Short e-books or old books that...
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Episode 41 - SEO Tips for 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. In this episode, we discuss the top SEO tips for 2016. If you haven't looked at the rules for a while, you might be shocked to see how much things have changed in the past few years. We look at two major categories that affect your ranking: technology and content.

Announcement: Jeff and Kristin will be presenting at Launch Out St. Louis on July 22 and 23, 2016. The workshop is titled "Stop the Excuses: Building the business of your dreams." If you are interested in coming to see us, use the code ingram16 to save $25 on your conference ticket. If you are going to the conference, give us a shout out on Twitter @SBLPodcast, or post in the Facebook group.

SEO in 2016 is about user experience

In the past, the focus of SEO was short posts, keywords, and lots of graphics. In 2016, the search engines are getting smarter, and therefore they expect your content to be smarter. If you think you can just write short posts packed with...

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