Episode 119 - How to improve your customer communication

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The key to sales is effectively communicating your message. In this episode, Kristin and Jeff discuss tips for improving your communication online and in-person.

Tips for improving general communication

  • When speaking to a crowd (social media, email, sales pages, speaking engagements, video, etc.), always speak to your avatar. 
  • Target your messaging for the platform. Your message will be slightly different depending on the medium you are using, whether it is Facebook, email, in-person, or a sales page. Know the best practices for each platform.
  • Speak their language, not yours. Do research on the terms your customers use when discussing your products and services. Avoid industry jargon. 
  • Use analogies to convey complex concepts.
  • Always use low noise environments and avoid interruptions on live video, webinars, and phone calls.
  • Always phrase questions...
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Episode 64 - Is your attitude hurting your business?

We have a simple choice to make each morning: do I want to live my life full of negativity or do I want to be a positive person? In this episode, we discuss how to change your attitude to allow more joy and prosperity in your life.   

How is your attitude affecting your business?

People are naturally drawn to positive people because there is so much negativity in the world. Having an optimistic attitude also gives you more energy. If you have ever had a stressful day where most of your thoughts were negative, you know how that can drain your energy. Having a positive attitude also leaves you open to be able to experience new things and allows you to build your business.

Beginning to change your attitude

Here are a few steps to begin changing your attitude for the better. All of these are discussed in detail in the episode.

  1. Admit there is something in your life you are not happy about.
  2. Accept the things in your life that you cannot change and identify the things you...
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Episode 59 - Using rejection to push forward

We all wish every call and meeting led to a new sale, but hearing "No" is common in business. In this episode, we discuss how to use rejection to push your business forward so you may hear more "Yes" in the future. 

Learn to say "No"

Most small business owners are terrible at saying "No". That is part of the reason that our schedules are overloaded. As you become better at saying "No", it becomes easier for you to hear it. It helps give you clarity, knowing that not every proposed business relationship is a good fit. It will also help you better assess if a customer is a good fit for your business.

Incorporate rejection into your metrics

Good sales people do not just look at how many deals they close. They also look at the number of connections made, meetings set, and follow-up calls. This allows them to see how many proposals must be made to book a sale. When you move away from sales metrics and start focusing on other key goals, it is easier to hear rejection because you...

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Episode 52 - Developing products and services

As we get into the final stretch of the year but before the holidays begin, Jeff and Kristin are starting to work on planning products and services for 2017. This is a great time to discuss developing new offerings for your business. We discuss how to begin the process of developing new products and services.

What products and services do you currently offer?

Do you have a menu of your current products and services? If not, this is where you need to start. If you can't clearly define what you currently sell, how do you expect your clients to understand what you do? Don't be cryptic about what you do. Clearly define your business for your customers. Don't use industry speak; use your customers' language. Take a look at your website or ask someone to do it for you to make sure your message is clear. This is also the starting point because this will give you an idea if there are gaps in your offerings. Do you need to offer supplemental products? Are there services that are outside...

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Episode 41 - SEO Tips for 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. In this episode, we discuss the top SEO tips for 2016. If you haven't looked at the rules for a while, you might be shocked to see how much things have changed in the past few years. We look at two major categories that affect your ranking: technology and content.

Announcement: Jeff and Kristin will be presenting at Launch Out St. Louis on July 22 and 23, 2016. The workshop is titled "Stop the Excuses: Building the business of your dreams." If you are interested in coming to see us, use the code ingram16 to save $25 on your conference ticket. If you are going to the conference, give us a shout out on Twitter @SBLPodcast, or post in the Facebook group.

SEO in 2016 is about user experience

In the past, the focus of SEO was short posts, keywords, and lots of graphics. In 2016, the search engines are getting smarter, and therefore they expect your content to be smarter. If you think you can just write short posts packed with...

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Episode 40 - 2 mistakes that can destroy your business

We have seen so many businesses fail because they are not focusing on the two most important aspects of their business: building an audience and providing products and/or services. 

Audience building

Even if you have the most amazing products and services in the world, if you have no audience then you will have no sales. Building an audience is a critical step for success. Here are some tips for building an audience.

  • Don't just drop content into social media. You need to interact with others.
  • Share valuable content written by others with your audience.
  • Check out Hashtagify.me for hashtags that people are using on social media to help you connect with others.
  • Ask your audience to engage with you in your email newsletter. A simple question at the end of your email asking people to reply and respond can really help you connect with others.
  • Respond to emails you receive from your audience.
  • Use targeted online ads based on your avatar's demographics and interests that are relevant...
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Episode 39 - 7 simple steps to wow your customers

In this episode, we discuss 7 simple ways to wow your customers. So often we get so focused on the next big thing that will move our business forward, that we forget the small things. These are 7 business fundamentals that you can begin improving upon today. We give suggestions for many types of businesses to improve your communications with clients.

7 simple steps to wow your customers

  1. Answer the phone - In our fast-paced business environment, customers will call multiple businesses in an attempt to get the services they need. If you pick up the phone, especially during normal business hours, you will get more business. 
  2. Respond in a timely manner - Getting back to clients in a timely manner makes them feel appreciated. What is considered timely differs for each industry. 
  3. Show up on time - If you think you are going to be late, call the client, even if you think you are only going to be five minutes late. You also don't want to be really early. Many times, if I believe...
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Episode 37 - Mastermind groups

In this episode, we discuss the value of mastermind groups, how to get your own group started, and how to run them. We are huge fans of mastermind groups, and believe they are one of the most important tools to have in your tool box. We also discuss accountability partners.

Accountability Partners

Accountability partners are best when you are trying to achieve a particular goal, like getting up early or getting particular tasks done. Just remember that as an accountability partner, you are not just accountable for yourself, you are also accountable for the person who is your partner. When you are first starting out, or if you have a lot on your plate, this might not be a good option for you. This is why we are big fans of mastermind groups. The accountability portion is spread out among the members of the group, so there is less pressure on each individual member of the group. 

Mastermind Groups

A mastermind group is like a board of directors for your small business. The...

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Episode 12 - Are you speaking your customer's language?

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss why you might not be connecting with your customers: you aren't speaking their language.

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Small Business Saturday: The antithesis of Black Friday

Speaking your customers' language

If you are having trouble connecting with your customers, they may not understand the language you are speaking. Are you using industry terminology that your customers are not familiar with?

  1. Have 5 people who do not work in your field review your website and marketing materials.
  2. Check out your competition on Similar Web to see what terms are driving traffic to their sites.
  3. Think of the terms that your customers use when discussing their needs with you. In you hear the same terminology over and over, incorporate it into your website copy.

Tip of the Week

Jeff shares another tip to reduce your chances of infecting your computer with malware that encourages...

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Episode 10 - Using surveys to grow your business

This week, we discuss how to use surveys to grow your business and better serve your customers. We also discuss tools you can use to create free surveys and how to promote them.

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New type of auto-rooting Android adware is nearly impossible to remove ACA open enrollment now through December 15

Using surveys to grow your business

Surveys are a great way to grow your business. It allows you to ask potential customers about ideas you have and get them excited about new products and services. It allows you to engage customers and make them feel invested in your brand. Getting feedback before launching a product or service allows you to avoid mistakes before they happen.

Episode 4 - Who is our ideal customer?

Survey Monkey

Google Forms

SumoMe Plugins for Wordpress


If This Then That (IFTTT)

Tip of the Week

Keep your devices updated to avoid viruses and malware! Northeastern University - How to avoid malware

App of the Week

AWeber email marketing

Other Mentions

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