Episode 142 - How do you define full-time?


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Small business owners work a lot of hours, but why? In this episode, Jeff and Kristin will look at how small business owners define full-time and why it might be time for a new definition.

According to SCORE, various polls show that 25 to 39% of small business owners work more than 60 hours per week. Based on our experience, we believe it's more than that. In this episode, we will explore some critical questions:

  • How do small business owners define full-time?
  • Why do small business owners work twice as much as employees?
  • Where are small business owners spending their time?
  • Are you working below your pay grade?
  • How can we reverse this trend?

Some interesting research:

32% of time spent on the business vs. 68% spent in the business and other great data.


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