Episode 147 - What is SSL and why you need it on your site NOW


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With all of the privacy concerns, it is no surprise that Chrome version 68 will start punishing sites with the "Not Secure" label.  Join Kristin and Jeff as they talk about SSL and how you can protect your site from being labeled "Not Secure" by the chrome browser.

What we talked about this episode

  • The SSL Chrome Shakeup
  • What happens when you talk to a WordPress site
    • A visitor makes an HTTP request
    • Web Server puts together a response
    • The response is sent the visitor 
  • What happens when you talk to a WordPress site
    • A visitor makes an https request
    • the Handshake
    • An encrypted tunnel is created for the session
    • Requests and responses happen inside of the tunnel
  • Getting a certificate
  • Why your website is not yet secure
  • 3 Things you need to do to get SSL setup
    • Get an SSL Certificate and install it on your site
    • Make sure your CMS forces secure redirects from HTTP to HTTPS
    • Clear or purge your server cache

 How HTTP Traffic works at a glance

 How HTTPS Traffic works at a glance



A secure web is here to stay article from the Chromium Blog and how HTTPS and HTTP work. 

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