Episode 150 - Instagram Secrets with Roota Mittal


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Are you stuck how to use and grow Instagram for your small business? Check out this episode as Kristin and Jeff interview Roota Mittal to get the secrets of Instagram for small biz owners. 

  • Why is Instagram important for Small Business Owners?
  • What strategies should a business consider when using Instagram?
  • How do you choose good hashtags?
  • What's the best/fastest way to do that without paying for it (buying followers)
  • What was her mix of personal/business posts like?
  • Why is the 10k number of followers so important?
  • Does she have a larger following on other social media platforms that she leveraged to get to 10K on IG?
  • Now that she's there, how is planning to use what she can do on IG with this many followers?
  • How did she do that same activity before she got to this milestone?
  • Any idea why one IG account has stop-motion feature, but another (linked business accounts) does not have this super cool feature?
  • Any thoughts on IGTV?


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