Episode 151 - Contentment vs. Complacency


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In this episode, we discuss how to find contentment in your business without becoming complacent. We will also discuss why working 90 hours per week and never be getting any sleep is not the goal.

  • How you can become content with your small business
    • Set a realistic revenue and profit goal
      • Join HQ and get our worksheet to help you figure out how much you have to sell to get your goal
    • Know your budget
    • What your mindset, small business is not keeping up with the Jones.
    • Do not just follow gurus.
  • Be content, not Complacent
    • The story of industry changing
    • Our oven metaphor
    • Really large clients
  • Avoiding Complacency
    • Relationship building with clients
    • Always talk to people and add value
    • Interact with other small business owners
    • Find partners to off-load work you do not like.
  • Going from the service provider to selling information without killing yourself
    • Profits to save for expensive needs like website work or funnels.
    • How to build a better course to sell as a product
    • Saving account before you leap into a new venture.


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