Episode 157 - How to know when your lead is ready to buy

business/career sales Sep 16, 2018

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Sales can be a problem for many small business owners. Jeff was no exception. The problem most of the time was knowing when a client was ready to close. If you struggle with your sales system, join Jeff and Kristin as we talk about our system to know when a lead is ready to close.

  • Qualifying leads and the problem with BANT
  • Why should you use MARKETS?
    • Lets you focus the type of CRM data about customers
    • Informs you of when you are wasting time or money in marketing
    • Allow you to assess the difference between the person you are talking to and your Avatar
    • Helps you effectively use the 8-20 touches you will need to turn an inquiry into a qualified lead
  • M is for Money
  • A is for Authority
  • R is for Risk Tolerance
  • K is for Knowledge
  • E is for Eagerness
  • T is for Timeframe
  • S is Stories

FREE DOWNLOAD: The system to guide your leads to sales

(The 1st question has saved us hundreds of hours of wasted time)

We all have wasted time trying to sell to people before they are ready. So we came up with this simple system to guide our leads to sales and have included 21 questions you need to answer to make sure they are ready to make the sale.