Episode 107 – Selecting Task Management Software that works for you

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Have you ever had that day where you work for hours, and check off dozens of items off your to-do list and feel like you have achieved nothing? I have. I have had so many days I started to look at this years ago when I worked at UPS. I started to find that we have a way of creating busy work for ourselves. We create so much of it, we start to use systems to create track it. And private industry has responded with those applications. The task management apps and website.

Task Management software can be great

It can make you get more work done. I am a big believer in getting more done in less time. However, It appears the systems can become a burden. I have worked with many large businesses and government agencies that would start creating more and more applications to track the work that then left the workers in a bind.

If you spend more time tracking yourself, then you have less time to complete the work you were hired to get completed.

Liberate yourself

We NEED to avoid this trap as side hustlers and small business owners. However, when we want to grow, we try and work harder. When we do that we create busy work because we are under the delusion that if we work hard, we will succeed and if you have this problem you need to go back to episode 106 and start using result-driven task management

However, we understand that apps can help if selected correctly. So we decided to look at a couple of different task management apps. Not to mention, we wanted to talk more about how you need to think to choose the app that will work best for you.

What we looked at in this podcast episode:

  • What you need to consider in task management software.
  • The 1 thing not to do when picking
  • The basic requirements for task management apps
  • 4 different task management apps to consider

The 4 Task Management apps to consider

Google Task 

If you are looking for straightforward and flexible, Kristin understands. She uses and recommends Google task. it is tightly tied into her calendar and since her schedule can vary a lot day to day and drastically change every four months. Her task system needs to be flexible and work in close collaboration with her google calendar. However, since we are all in on G Suite, the Google version of Microsoft office this should not be too shocking.

If you are looking for simple and flexible, start with Google Task.


Jeff's Pick is Trello. He uses it due to the quick setup and customization. He also loves the ability to perform post-it note style brainstorming coupled with a drag and drop interface to organize the brainstorming into task inside of one product.

If you are looking for a simple way to go from ideas to projects you should start with Trello


Maybe you like the idea of Trello. However, you want something with a bit more project management built-in from the start.  You should check this application out.

Try Asana if you want more Project Management and less brainstorming to task manager.


If you are just looking for a great task manager that will help you get things done. You should start with Nozbe. Kristin and I have both used this.  It is perfect for GTD.

So, If you are a Solopreanure or your task list is not tied to other team members check out Nozbe today!

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