Episode 11 - 5 tips for better cash management

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss 5 tips for better cash management in your business and your personal life.

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Better Cash Management

Lack of cash management is one of the reasons that 85% of all small businesses fail in their first 5 years. Staying on top of your cash position will allow you to make better decisions and grow your business. Our 5 tips for better cash management:

  1. Know your monthly expenses
  2. Eliminate monthly fees for services you are no longer using
  3. Have business savings
  4. Have personal savings
  5. Bill customers in a timely manner and make it easy for them to pay you

Tip of the Week

Jeff shares another tip to reduce your chances of infecting your computer with malware that is socially engineered to trick you to click it. Northeastern University – How to avoid malware

App of the Week

Cloud Based Accounting Systems:

Other Mentions

Zappier If This Then That (IFTTT)

Ooma phone system

Paypal.me: Here is what Kristin's Paypal.me/klicpa looks like

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