Episode 112 – Tips for a successful launch

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The human brain is funny. It will do many things to protect us. The worse thing it does is lie to us on our behalf. And to be honest Kristin and I see this a lot when business owners share content or try and sell online.  We tell ourselves we are launching, however, we are really just checking off a to-do list item. 

Sharing on Facebook and saying we are done is a failed launch!

Even if we get a few people into our sales process and make a few sales and most people will not do even that. They will complain that they tried to do it and the people just did not want it. The Truth is we just lied to ourselves, we spent so much time creating something of beauty for the world, we spent no time trying on the marketing and sales process. We wished for success and did set ourselves up for failure.

Start planning for your success

Join Kristin and I as we talk about some actionable steps you can take now to improve your next launch. and talk about some of the tools we use to try and improve our odds of success. Stop letting your fear of failure ensure it happens, listen to the show now and learn about:

  • Opportunity
    • Audience
    • Competition
    • Finances
  • Scheduling
    • Know when to launch
    • Have a complete launch schedule
  • Focus
    • Focus on what your product needs to have, not what it could have
    • Common practice is to be 33% launch-ready
    • If a digital product, you can always add more modules and content after the launch
  • Testing
    • Make sure the critical components work
      • Opt-in
      • Sales pages
      • Check-out
      • Ads
  • Positioning
    • Creating awareness before the launch
      • Prelaunch marketing
      • Email list building
      • Content creation
      • PR
  • Target audience
    • 42% of startups fail because of poor product-market fit
  • Make it relevant to your audience
    • Solve a specific problem
  • Training
    • What training do you need to serve your customers?
    • What training will your customers need to purchase or use your service
    • Anticipate roadblocks
  • Feedback
    • Get feedback from Beta testers or current users
    • Get feedback on designs and ads from fans

Sharing once is not a launch!

References and Tools

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