Episode 114 – Building an Audience

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Why is it when Kristin and I talk to business owners about problems with marketing and sales they always seem adverse to the idea of building an audience in any fashion. Many will spend time developing content for platforms and leave the content hidden among the billions of sites on the internet and billions and billions of post in social media.

Many owners will:

  • Create content
  • Look at engagement
  • Look at page views
  • Look at followers
  • give up if creating the material does not generate an audience

Building an audience takes effort

It is marketing. It takes energy, strategy, and persistence. There is NO easy button. However, why spend the time creating valuable content without spending the time to turn that content into a marketing guru for your company.

You can build a machine that will generate you a predictable number of leads a month, which will lead to anticipated sales. We should all be looking for more predictable sales. So join Kristin and I as we talk some strategy about building an audience.

Conversation flow for the Building an Audience episode

  • Blog, YouTube, Podcast, or other content developer type
    • Long-term following
  • Quality of content
    • Value first
    • 55% of traffic will leave your site fast
    • Exclusive date that includes actionable
    • Emotional for the win
  • Traffic paid vs earned vs borrowed
    • Google or Facebook ads
    • Great SEO
    • Newsletter (most consistent way get attention)
    • On another platform SM, Speaking, Interview, or Review
    • Optimize Old Content
    • Reference links with
    • Guest post
    • Launch for products and content
    • Partner (2 Way are better than one)
  • Conversion and CTR not Clickbait
    • Value
    • Improve conversions
      • Testing
      • Hacking
      • CTR
    • ever growing an email list
  • Satellites sites to address other niches and avatars
  • Audience first

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