Episode 115 – Using Facebook Events to grow your business

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Facebook keeps changing how it shares information with its users. Many times they make these very attractive for business owners and then when more people use it throttle it back page grew and then groups. However, Facebook reduced the usefulness without paying for Ads.

Do not get upset, change your focus to Facebook Events. Join Kristin and Jeff as the look at how you use facebook events to grow your business.

Why use Facebook Events

  • Facebook events are not just for concerts and fairs. Any event can be a Facebook event.
  • Facebook events get great visibility
  • Facebook events remind your audience
  • Easily invite people – make them feel special
  • Stream live inside an event

Ideas for events that will work well with Facebook

  • Grand openings
  • Anniversary events
  • Special sales
  • Webinars
  • Unboxing events
  • Trunk shows
  • Special hours
  • Pop-up events
  • Craft shows
  • Classes
  • Discussion groups, book signings
  • Tradeshows
  • Festivals
  • Lectures and speeches
  • Job fairs
  • Open houses
  • Ladies’ nights

Make your event stand out!

  • Create a good name!
  • Write a clear and thorough description
  • Make sure the physical location is a Facebook recognized venue
  • Use great photos
  • Use keywords for tags, so others find your event
  • Let people post on the event wall
  • Pin a post to your event wall
  • Set an end time
  • Promote the event outside of Facebook
  • Schedule events ahead of time
  • Create a sense of urgency: incentivize people to RSVP

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