Episode 116 – Surviving the Holidays

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Holidays can be crazy!

Especially if you run a small business.  In the United States, it seems the craziness from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day can destroy us.  However, we do not have the Rocket War Day every Easter Day like in Chios island in Greece. It takes surviving the holidays to a whole new level.

Survival is key if you want to thrive a holiday season like we talked about in Episode 67 - Thriving through peak season. However, not everyone is busy during the holidays. If we are slow sometimes survival is more difficult so this year Kristin and I decided to look at both.


  1. Get organized before the rush
    1. Remember what worked and what didn’t last year
  2. Stay organized during the rush
  3. Hire help! Lots of college students come home around the beginning of December
  4. Cross train your staff


  1. Get some planning done for next year!
  2. Plan for the slow period. It comes at the same time each year!
  3. Turn to sales
  4. Take some time off


  1. Embrace the holidays with holiday-themed posts
  2. Stay connected with your audience
  3. Stand out in the crowd
  4. Have your holiday party after the holidays are over
  5. Show your customers and employees how much you appreciate them

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