Episode 118 - The basics of online summits

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Kristin and I are always looking for ways to grow our online business. So we have started researching creating an online conference or summit.  They offer much of the benefits of a real-life conference with networking and sales. However, the can be put together at a fraction of the cost.

  • What are they?
    • More advanced than other forms of outreach content. However,
    • Online only conferences
    • Typically, free content for a limited time
    • Typically sells with lifetimes sales product “All-Access Pass”
  • What are they good for?
    • Building your authority
    • Building your email list
    • Creating a product to sell
      • Possibly evergreen
  • And What do I need to do them?
    • Ability to record the video interviews
      • Hangouts / Skype
    • Platform to deliver the content for free
      • Could be embedded YouTube Videos
    • Platform to upsell the content
      • Redirect all old content to a landing page to sell lifetime access to the product
    • Interview Skills
    • Networking skills
    • Organizational skill
    • Event schedule for live portion
  • Getting Experts to share it out
    • Relationships
    • Make it easy for them
    • Have a launch plan for sharing stuff with participates and with customers
    • Understand if they cannot, play the long game with them
    • Share emails with them
  • Turn them evergreen
    • Sell old summits for next to nothing as an upsell or down sell for the next conference.
    • Best of mini-conferences to get more Passes sold


How to Earn Six Figures from a Virtual Summit 

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