Episode 12 - Are you speaking your customer's language?

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss why you might not be connecting with your customers: you aren't speaking their language.

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Speaking your customers' language

If you are having trouble connecting with your customers, they may not understand the language you are speaking. Are you using industry terminology that your customers are not familiar with?

  1. Have 5 people who do not work in your field review your website and marketing materials.
  2. Check out your competition on Similar Web to see what terms are driving traffic to their sites.
  3. Think of the terms that your customers use when discussing their needs with you. In you hear the same terminology over and over, incorporate it into your website copy.

Tip of the Week

Jeff shares another tip to reduce your chances of infecting your computer with malware that encourages you to download "updates" on your computer. NNortheasternUniversity – How to avoid malware

App of the Week

Tomighty Productivity Timer

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