Episode 123 – Leaving room for their dreams

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So often we hear that spouses are not respecting our dreams, but then in the next post we see people angry with their spouse for wasting your time. Respecting each other is a key to having a happier marriage and is key to living the small biz life.

  • Episode 25 - Family buy-in and business success upside down
  • You should not expect them to understand your dreams, you do not have to understand theirs
  • Commit to looking for Win-Win resolutions
  • Marriage is a team, successful teams
    • Respect each other
    • Know who is in charge of what
    • Who is in charge of what
    • Set common goals, look for overlap share results
    • Open communication
    • Willingness to sacrifice for the team
  • Resolve the conflicts better
    • Do not engage the spouse
    • Understand what could make it work better for you
    • What are you willing to give up, to get what you want?
    • Have a good knowledge of the problem
    • Understand the impact of the problem on you
    • What is needed to resolve the problem
    • Know how each of you will benefit from the arrangement and be able to articulate it.

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