Episode 124 – Your Bookkeeping Made Easier Questions Answered

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It happens every year! Kristin and I start hearing or getting tagged in questions about people who are stuck finishing off their accounting books every year. We decided to ask our Small Biz Life Community for their questions to answer here!

How to get the most out of your small business bookkeeping without wasting time

I get it. I hate bookkeeping and I am cheap. I do not like "paying" monthly fees. I am a cheapskate. However, This is one of those areas I have evolved.  Kristin has managed to keep the books for all of our companies and families in about an hour a month.  

Listen to this important episode that will free up your time, and all you to MAKE MORE MONEY NOW!

  • Why would I use this instead of excel, pen and paper, or my… mind
  • Melissa Thomas, I've been using a notebook to keep my books for five years.
  • 2018 is my year to move into an electronic system. Do I need Quickbooks
  • Freshbooks? Some other type of system?
  • Why not another piece of software
  • What version should I get?
  • Michelle Lowery When should I sign up for Quickbooks? Which version should I get?
  • Lindsay Wikholm Griede Pros and cons of QBO vs physical QB
  • What are the most common "rookie mistakes" I need to avoid so I don't have to redo something later?
  • Can it integrate with other applications?
  • How hard is it to upgrade from my older version?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Should I get the merchant services?
  • Is the payroll worth it?
  • Would you use it for inventory and project billing?
  • Lea-Ann McGregor Do you recommend starting with their recommended chart of accounts for your industry or hiring an accountant to provide that part.
  • Carla Musarra-Leonard When you accidentally pay a vendor using your PayPal business account, it gets wonky in the Q-books. How do you reconcile that so it doesn't post twice?
  • Lindsay Wikholm Griede QB reports--what awesome reports can I run in QB that will help me understand how my biz is doing.
  • Lindsay Wikholm Griede Maybe explain QB's AMAZING search features? It sets it apart from other accounting software IMHO.
  • Ask my accountant account

Resources discussed

Quickbooks Online

Stripe by Sush.io for Quickbooks online




Sush io paypal integration


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