Episode 126 – 5 things being new parents has taught us about small business

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Kristin and I could have panicked. Hearing about how much disruption a newborn can cause in our lives. Even with our fear, we chose to focus on the other advice given to us from most of the parents who talked to us. A newborn will be difficult. However, it will be the biggest blessing we can have and take the opportunity to learn how to have a better life and small business

Kristin and I understand that we will spend the rest of our lives raising our new son. Let us share with you what we have learned to improve our company so far after having a new child.

  1. Have procedures and checklists for EVERYTHING
    1. Daily focus planner
  2. Purchase tools that make your life easier and automate things
    1. Baby Brezza Formula Pro
    2. On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep
  3. Create a schedule and task lists
    1. Trello
    2. Butler
  4. Do the most important tasks first – smart agility
  5. Always allow more time that you think you need and don’t wait until the last minute so you can give yourself some grace when needed


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