Episode 128 – 3 reasons your email strategy is failing

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We started our email list because everyone says that you need an email list. However, we found most of the platform gurus fail to explain how to use it.  Join us in this podcast episode as we talk the 3 most common problems we see with companies' email strategies. 

  1. Your idea of what an email list is is wrong
    • It is not newsletter
    • It is not a way to auto email your blog posts
    • You are not connected to the people on your list
  2. Avatar
    • You do not have one
    • or you are ignoring your avatar
  3. You do not have a strategy
    • You make your incentives too complicated
    • The incentive does not make sense with the core offer
    • The incentive is not proportional to the core offer
    • Hoping for sales, not planning for sales

Small Biz takeaway!

Plan to sell and consider Funnel Scripts!

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