Episode 129 - 5 myths about small business websites

business/career marketing Mar 04, 2018

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Kristin and I easily have hundreds of discussions a year about websites with Small biz owners.  So in this episode, we will be talking about the most common myths we hear about websites and give some simple advice on how to deal with your website.

Myth #1: Homepages need to cover everything

This is like the avatar problem, if you have it all on one page, the page will fail to serve anyone.

Myth #2: Advanced marketing websites are very expensive to set up or

Myth #3: They are too difficult to DIY

  • Partially true, few people have all the skills and time to DIY an advanced marketing site for their business. However, you can do gooder enough.
    1. Design, project planning, programming, Complete SEO, copy write skills, marketing design, graphic design, and security.
  • Put some budget for it:
    1. Thrive Themes for Conversion Focused WordPress Themes, HostM for hosting and SSL, Wordpress, NameCheap, and Mailchimp
    2. Why would you start a business if you aren't willing to spend $50 per month?

Myth #4: You get a boost to traffic when you launch your website

  • This is the opposite of the truth
  • Domains become more relevant over time
  • You can plan a simple cornerstone approach that can be scaled out when you have a proper SEO budget
  • Part of your job is to use attraction marketing and/or ads to drive traffic
  • If you have a storefront, think local SEO

Myth #5: You need to wait until your website is completed to launch it!

Websites should stop being under construction when a company closes

Small Biz takeaway!

Join Small Biz HQ in March 2108 we will be working with our members to help them create or improve the design to there website!

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