Episode 132 - Are you focusing on the wrong things?


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The business cycle can be crazy.  We can work nonstop and it can feel like we are not getting anywhere. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you are working on what is important? Join Kristin and Jeff as they explore this important topic.

Many small biz owners struggle to even get three hours of time per week to grow their business according to this OfficeMax survey

5 ways we waste our time 

  1. Excessively cutting the budget
  2. Doing busy work
  3. Organizing yourself
  4. Email and messaging people
  5. Social media for the ... business

The 3 things all small business owners should spend their time on

  1. Creating new products or content
  2. Delivering products to your clients
  3. Selling and marketing your products

5 things we can start doing now to stop the cycle

  1. If you can do it fast, just do it
  2. Automate tasks
  3. Create email templates
  4. Hire a VA or other outside contractors to open up your time - Michelle Lowery
  5. Learn to prioritize and say no


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