Episode 133 - It's time to stop half-assing your social media


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Twitter's February 2018 changes threw us a curveball. WHAT!? I cannot just use the same tweets over and over again...ever???Honestly, it has been a while since we have thought much about how we use social media at Small Biz Life. If you follow either of us on Twitter, you will notice that we use it mainly as a feed of evergreen content. 

If you're like us, time is a premium, and you don't have a team dedicated to social media strategy. Maybe you have become too reliant on social media scheduling tools, and have let your perhaps your lesser used accounts suffer from atrophy. Join Kristin and Jeff in this episode of Small Biz Life as we consider essential questions for our social media usage.

What we are talking about

  • What do I want to get from social media?
    • How does it fit into my overall business strategy?
    • Who do I want to talk to?
    • Evergreen vs live content?
    • Ads vs traffic vs attraction
  • How can I convert social-media followers into customers? 
  • What are the best social networks for my small businesses? 
    • Facebook - Wow I like small business
    • Instagram - Look at my small business in a boss filter
    • Twitter - I am #SmallBusinessing
    • LinkedIn - Check out my Small Business skills
    • Pinterest great for evergreen bookmarking
    • Google+ is an excellent home for your evergreen content for SEO
  • What types of content should I post on which social platforms?
    • Stop creating one post and sharing on all platforms
    • What do you do if a customer complains?
  • How can I measure the success of my social media marketing efforts? 
  • What is my budget?

What should I do?

Look at the current state of your small business social media presence and develop a plan for each platform you want to use.  Create tools and use tools to save time making better content.

If you struggle to create a marketing strategy, we invite you to join us at Small Biz HQ this month we will be talking about how to make a marketing plan for your business. There will be 4 live calls where you can ask questions and network with other small business owners.


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