Episode 135 - How to make next year's taxes suck less


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Kristin always likes to talk about the problems of tax season.  However, for most of you, it is not a season, but a rush of pain to get information to your accountant to fulfill you're a duty to your country.  Listen now, as Kristin, with the help of Jeff, will talk about the 4 easiest ways to save time and stress preparing your taxes! 

  1. Know what to expect
    1. Know what you need to give your accountant
    2. Keep a list of all of your accounts, jobs, etc. to match up documents 
    3. If using QBO, you can just share access with your accountant
  2. Update everything at least monthly, including personal stuff
  3. Simplify your bookkeeping
    1. Stop writing checks
    2. Make it easy for clients to pay you electronically 
  4. Summarize - do not give detail unless there is a question
    1. Use the same summary next year

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