Episode 15 - Creating goals that are SMART

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss creating SMART goals using your SWOT analysis to improve your chances of success.

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Creating SMART goals 

If you have not listed to episode 14 on SWOT analysis, we highly recommend that you do that first. This episode is based on the information in episode 14. SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Action-oriented
  • Realistic
  • Time specific

We go into detail in this episode discussing each of these items to make sure you are creating goals that matter. We also discuss ways our goal setting strategy has changed over the years and pitfalls to avoid.

Tip of the Week

Set a reoccurring annual event in your calendar to write down your January 1 odometer reading. Use the description or notes field in the calendar item to record your odometer reading so you don't lose it.

App of the Week

MileIQ Mileage Tracker. Use promo code SMALLBIZLIFE20 at checkout to save 20%. An annual subscription is less than $4 per month.

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