Episode 19 - Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups Oh My!

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss the basics of Facebook profiles, pages, and groups. We also discuss some best practices for each of these and when and how you would want to use each of these.

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  • Profiles - Your personal page and profile, not your business. Make sure to have a professional picture and use your real name. Check out the Facebook security settings if you don't want everyone to see all of your posts.
  • Pages - Your business on Facebook. Once you have created your page, you can link your page in your personal profile so people can more easily find out about your business.
  • Groups - Community building and community engagement. Used closed groups to give your members more peace since their friends will not be able to see their posts unless they are also members of the group. Do not add people to groups without their permission.

Tip of the Week

Use a social media scheduler to increase posting frequency and consistency.

App of the Week

Buffer and Edgar for social media scheduling

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