Episode 2 - Why you need to own your platform

In this week's episode, we focus on why you need to own your platform and not rely on social media as the main way to build your business.

In the News

Apple Announces New Products 

Steve Jobs Says No To Stylist - Apple Announces the Pencil

Small Business Confidence Rises Slightly In August

Small Businesses Say Taxes Are Biggest Problem

From The Mailbag

Kristen asks about writing off a portion of a family trip if she talks about business. We discuss what the IRS says about personal travel.

Why a Platform You Own is So Important

We discuss a Facebook friend who lost access to his Facebook profile and why you need a home base and an email list.

App of the Week

AWeber email management

Tip of the Week

This week, Amy Latta discusses why self-care is so important and gives some tips for taking better care of yourself. Check out her website to sign up for her to sign up for her free Worth & Wellness Goal Tracker Pack.

Other mentions this week

Platform by Michael Hyatt

Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income)

John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire)

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Jaime Masters (Eventual Millionaire)

Launch by Jeff Walker


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