Episode 30 - 5 techniques for greater self-confidence

In this episode, we discuss how to build long-term self-confidence using 5 techniques. Last week, we gave you 9 tips for displaying confidence in the moment. Now that you have those tips in your arsenal, it's time to work on real, long-term self-confidence.

5 techniques for building self-confidence

  1. Be mindful of yourself - Assess your strengths and weaknesses and determine which areas need improvement in order for you to be successful in your business. Rely on your strengths as you work to build your weaknesses into new strengths. Self-confidence stems from turning weaknesses into strengths.
  2. Define your role and determine the knowledge needed - You don't need to start out as an expert. You can be the journeyman and learn with your audience. Many podcasts and blogs rely on this concept of finding experts and interviewing them. Your business can be your journey toward becoming an expert.
  3. Work the fundamentals - Many experts say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Practice is important for building your skill set. That does not mean that you should wait until you have 10,000 hours before you start your business or start doing something new in your business. Your practice can be developing content or working with clients. Get better as you generate an income.
  4. Attack your fear - When fear starts to bubble up, stop for a moment. Think about why the fear is appearing at this moment. Address the fear and keep going. It may seem like this will take a long time but in reality, it may just take a fraction of a second or a few seconds.
  5. Take meaningful action - It is easier to build self-confidence when you make progress on your goals. Taking meaningful action helps you accomplish your goals.

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