Episode 36 - Getting your business ready for a vacation

In this episode, we discuss getting ready to step away from your business to take a vacation. It may seem impossible, but really it is not. We all need to step away from our businesses to take a break. we discuss things you can do before you leave so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Getting your business ready for a vacation

Accounting and Sales

  1. If you have employees, make sure that payroll is scheduled or that you have an administrator who can schedule payroll for you.
  2. Pay any bills that will be due before you return and a few days after you return.
  3. Make sure there is enough money in your business checking account to cover any payments that will hit your account while you are gone. Don't forget about automatic payments.
  4. Contact your large clients to let them know you are going on vacation and to see if there is anything they need help with before you leave. We recommend doing this two weeks before you go to allow time to help them with anything they may need you for before you go.

Content and Social Media

  1. Make sure you preschedule blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, or any other content you release. If you are planning to take a break from content, make sure that your audience knows about the break. You would be amazed how many people look for your content, especially when you have a consistent schedule.
  2. Double check to make sure that the content is scheduled correctly so that things go out when you think it is going to. This is especially important if your blog post links to a podcast or if your newsletter links to a blog post.
  3. For Facebook groups, ask one of your active users to be an administrator while you are gone, especially if you have a closed group. This will allow new people to be added or problematic people to be removed while you are gone.

Cell phone and Data Plan

  1. If you are traveling internationally, check with your carrier about their international plans or keep your phone in airplane mode while you are gone. You can also leave your phone off the entire time. Verizon has a plan that allows you to use your phone in a number of countries for an additional $3 per day. No matter what, you should take your phone with you in case there is an emergency.
  2. Turn off all of your phone notifications so you can be present with your family and recharge your batteries.


  1. Create a to-do-list of things you need to do before you leave.
  2. Bring a notebook to add additional things you think you might need to do when you get back. Do not use your task list software or you will see your big to-do-list and you will enjoy your vacation less.
  3. Make good notes for large projects in progress so you know where you left off before you left. This will allow you to resume the project faster when you return.
  4. Set an away message on your email and voicemail.
  5. Clean out your inbox before you leave.

Think about the things that might keep you from having a good time while you are away. Enjoy yourself on your trip. If you cannot step away from your business, you might want to talk to someone. You need to be able to step away and recharge.

Bonus personal tip

Bring a reusable filtered water bottle with you on vacation. It will save you a tremendous amount of money when we go on vacation. We use these Brita water bottles.

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