Episode 40 - 2 mistakes that can destroy your business

We have seen so many businesses fail because they are not focusing on the two most important aspects of their business: building an audience and providing products and/or services. 

Audience building

Even if you have the most amazing products and services in the world, if you have no audience then you will have no sales. Building an audience is a critical step for success. Here are some tips for building an audience.

  • Don't just drop content into social media. You need to interact with others.
  • Share valuable content written by others with your audience.
  • Check out Hashtagify.me for hashtags that people are using on social media to help you connect with others.
  • Ask your audience to engage with you in your email newsletter. A simple question at the end of your email asking people to reply and respond can really help you connect with others.
  • Respond to emails you receive from your audience.
  • Use targeted online ads based on your avatar's demographics and interests that are relevant to your business.
  • Schedule social media to avoid spending all day on Facebook or Twitter.

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Selling your products and services

So you have a huge audience of raving fans, but do you have products and services to sell them? Can someone come to your website and easily figure out what you do? Are you making it easy for customers to purchase from you, or book an appointment with you? 

  • Ask people to review your website to see if they can figure out what you do. Strangers are much better for this exercise than people who know you well.
  • Check out the Sumome plugin for wordpress which allows exit-intent pop ups and heat mapping.
  • Make sure your products and services are well defined.
  • Make sure that potential customers know if you are local, national, or international.
  • Don't create a ton of products before you turn your attention to audience building.

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