Episode 44 - Surviving in world gone crazy

If you are watching the news or following social media, you are being bombarded by so much negativity. There have been a flurry of tragedies, both in the U.S. and around the world. As a small business owner, how do you keep going? In this episode, we discuss this very important topic and give you suggestions to keep pressing on.  

Violent crime is down almost 50% from the 1990's, but you wouldn't know it from watching the news and checking your social media feed. The 24-hour news stations know people will watch tragic events, so they cover them. Sometimes, we just need to turn off the TV. Sometimes, we need to shut our browser, or close our social media apps.  

In the 1960's, we were united in the space race. In the 1980's, it was the Cold War that held us together. Now, we focus so much on what divides us, we sometimes forget what unites us. We spend a lot of time tearing each other down, rather than trying to build each other up and finding our commonalities. Let's try to find what we have in common and build each other up. Build community locally. Get involved in local organizations like Rotary, the Lion's Club, Civitan, or your local chamber of commerce. You can donate to your favorite charity or, better yet, go volunteer. Get involved in helping to be the solution.

Online, you can stop sharing negativity. In times when we are bombarded by negative news, our fear and our anxiety levels increase. We have a responsibility as small business owners to help our tribe get through tough times. We all have a platform, and we decide what information we share with that platform. Are you going to share positive messages to lift people up and create community, or are we going to increase the amount of negativity?  

Jeff mentioned a training video in the episode to be better prepared. You can find that video here.

We also discussed the Dunbar unit and how that effects society today. To learn more about Dunbar's number, click here.

How are you moving past all of the terrible news you see on a daily basis? How do you keep pushing forward in your small business every day? Comment here or in our Facebook group.

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