Episode 56 - Reducing stress through automation

In this episode, we discuss how to create systems and use automation to cut your task list, save time, and reduce your stress. What could be better than that?

Assess your business for stressors

What stresses you out? Are there tasks you hate or dread? Make a list of all the things that cause stress in your life to see if there are ways you can automate.

Think about all aspects of your life. Could hiring someone to clean your house or mow your lawn help with your stress levels? Remember your own value when determining what to outsource and automate. This weekend, we purchased a $600 Dyson vacuum. Why? Because it cut the time to vacuum the house by 80%. We didn't need to vacuum the same spot over and over again. Instead of spending hours vacuuming, it took about 30 minutes. Our house will be less dusty, which will help with our allergies and it will save us time. This is an extreme example but for us, it was a worthwhile purchase and I (Kristin) am much less stressed out. The kitty hair tumbleweeds have been put on notice!

Common small biz stressors

Marketing and Social Media

  1. Social media schedulers
  2. Hiring copywriters and graphic designers
  3. A/B testing automation
  4. Autoresponders and email sequences
  5. RSS feeds
  6. Use aggregaters or automation to share other's content (Feedly, QUUU, TwitterFeed)

Accounting and Billing

  1. Proper initial set up
  2. Use reoccurring billing
  3. Use bank feeds to download transactions
  4. Allow customers to pay online to reduce your bookkeeping
  5. Link shopping carts and other transaction sources to accounting software
  6. Find apps to make your life easier

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