Episode 64 - Is your attitude hurting your business?

We have a simple choice to make each morning: do I want to live my life full of negativity or do I want to be a positive person? In this episode, we discuss how to change your attitude to allow more joy and prosperity in your life.   

How is your attitude affecting your business?

People are naturally drawn to positive people because there is so much negativity in the world. Having an optimistic attitude also gives you more energy. If you have ever had a stressful day where most of your thoughts were negative, you know how that can drain your energy. Having a positive attitude also leaves you open to be able to experience new things and allows you to build your business.

Beginning to change your attitude

Here are a few steps to begin changing your attitude for the better. All of these are discussed in detail in the episode.

  1. Admit there is something in your life you are not happy about.
  2. Accept the things in your life that you cannot change and identify the things you can.
  3. Stop dwelling on the past.
  4. Visualize how your life would change with a better attitude.
  5. Realize that optimism is a choice and believe you can change.

Some of these items require some heavy lifting on your part. You may need to find a professional to help you with this work. Jeff and Kristin have both sought out professional help at various times in their lives. It is not a sign of weakness to seek out help. We have repeatedly said on the show that you can do anything but you can't do everything. Sometimes, we need some help in order to get the clarity to move forward. A professional can help you work through these items and help you on a path toward more joy in your life.

5 things you can do today to improve your attitude

If this is something you need to work on, don't wait until next year or next week or even tomorrow. START NOW! Here are five small things you can start today to improve your attitude.

  1. Look for positive role models.
  2. Choose the right company to walk this journey with you.
  3. Say a daily affirmation.
  4. Write a gratitude list each day or keep a gratitude jar.
  5. Be kind to others.

In this episode, we mentioned Brendon Burchard's book, Life's Golden Ticket. You can get a copy for free, you just pay $5 for shipping. It's a fiction book full of great lessons that will get you thinking about your attitude. You also get a bunch of free bonuses. Kristin read this book in one afternoon. We highly recommend it.

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