Episode 72 - Keeping your dreams and goals alive

According to a 2012 survey in the U.K. Daily Mail, most people give up on their New Year's resolutions by January 10. If you are still working on your goals and your dreams, well done! In this episode, we discuss how to keep your goals and dreams alive into February and how to keep going for the rest of the year.

 If you haven't done the Dream Catcher Assessment yet, we highly recommend you download it. It will help you keep your dreams and goals close. Even if you are using another method to create your goals, reviewing them on a regular basis is important for your success. 

When reviewing your dreams and goals, it is important to see if they need to be modified. Do you need to dream bigger? Are any of your goals no longer relevant? 

Take a look at your monthly contract sheet on the last page of the Assessment. You will want to print a blank copy of the page so you can do your contract for February. If you need to download the Dream Catcher Assessment, just click the link and enter your email again. 

First, review last month's contract. How did you do with your action items? We both completed at least a portion of each of the items. Having the contract taped to the wall really helped keep them front and center. Some of them were completed just a few days ago but reviewing them often helped keep us on track. Note any action items that may need to be worked on again next month.

In the Dream Catcher Assessment, look at your dream for each category to make sure that you don't need to increase the scope of your dreams. Are these all items that you still want to accomplish? Are you still passionate about them? If not, go back in the Assessment and reset your dream for that area. 

Now, look at your areas of improvement indicated in the contract. How are you doing in those areas? Have you mastered them or should you devote more time? When we completed our February contract, some of our areas of improvement stayed the same, some changed to another area listed in the second section of the assessment, and some were completely new areas of improvement that were not previously considered. The beauty of the Dream Catcher Assessment is that it allows you to change course while still working on your big dreams. 

Finally, set your action for the next month. What will you work on in February to help you strengthen your area of improvement? In January, Kristin wanted to visit four new restaurants in the Lifestyle Category. That was actually much harder than we thought it would be because in order to find new and interesting restaurants, we would need to travel a fair distance from our house. That actually made us a feel better about our previous adventures because we realized we have tried a lot more restaurants than we had thought. This month, Kristin's goal is to go on a "walk-about" in a city she has not explored before.

The purpose of the Dream Catcher Assessment is to help you expand your boundaries and enjoy life. We hope that you will continue your work with the Assessment. 

One more tip: Keep your old contracts. Use them to look back and see how much progress you've made. This will help inspire you to keep dreaming big.

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