Episode 79 - The 4x4x3 Insight Guide for Sales

How where your sales today?

Ever wonder why those other businesses seem confident when the make an advertising buy for their business. Heck are you too scared to even try to buy and add because you think it will just waste your money?

It can be scary to create a funnel or a process for converting prospective clients into sales. We are looking will have to measure what we are doing.  We will see all of our mistakes.  Just follow me for a moment as we start to look at the benefits of a funnel and learn to make your business start working for you.

Stop being scared, invest your time creating a sales funnel

                If I asked you how many sales would you get if I could introduce you to 100 people, how many people would buy your product or service? Ten? One? Thirty? Could you even answer? 

I have not met many small businesses that can some do not even what a sales funnel is. And many who do think that is something big businesses do to create sales, or a thing that online marketers talk about, and it will not work for them.


Here is why you need a funnel today

You need a way to predict how many people you need to meet, to make the money needed to run your business and feed your family. Check out the benefits and learn 4x4x3 of sales funnels.

And ultimately, if you knew that you would convert 20 of the next 100 people that walked into your store.  Would it be easier to grow or maintenance your business?

You could spend less time stressed out about the next sale and more time about getting to meet more people. Because you know if you can just get another 100 people to your store, you should double your sales.

The 6 Benefits of having a sales funnel


  • Helps reduce negative stress?
  • If results are tracked, you can quickly fix problems in new funnels
  • Helps you find more people to serve.
  • Helps you maximize sales revenue
  • Opens up the possibility of creating evergreen or subscription services.

The 4x4x3 Insight Guide to Sales Funnels

Join Kristin and Jeff in this podcast episode. We will go through the 4x4x3 of a sales funnel and a bonus tip for stabilizing your revenue.

The 4 phases are part of the sales funnel. The 4 needs are the skills or items you will need to create a funnel, And finally we will look at the 3 most common approaches to sales that we see today.

The 4 Phases

1.       The Introduction Phase

2.       The Relationship Phase

3.       The Decision Phase

4.       The Service Stage

The 4 Needs

1.       Plan

2.       Products

3.       Platform

4.       Psychology

The 3 Approaches

1.       Direct Sales

a.       Walk-ins

b.       Value 2 Sale

2.       Networking

a.       Live Launch

b.       Events

3.       The Value^3 Launch

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