Episode 80 – How to listen to your customers online

Why is listening to customers still valuable online?

A business online is moving the way of the dinosaurs.  Even in the smallest companies, 73% are expected to have websites by the end of 2017. As the move to online happens, it becomes harder to perform the essential task of a business owner. We do not know how to listen to people we never meet.

Why is it difficult?

Even if we interact with some people in social media.  How many of those move to the website? How many of those buy from us or ever purchase one of our products?

 We completely understand the problems of feeling lost when you interact with only a small portion of your online traffic.  Across out platforms, we served people a little more than 990,000 times, and from that, we had under 10,000 interactions with people in social media.

 So, we looked to better listen to the people we educate online. We knew we needed to up our listening skills.  We knew we need to find a new way to listen.

We started looking to Web Analytics to allow us to attend our visitors.

We knew web analytics were always where there. We even had times we obsessed with the numbers of downloads, views, sessions, and users. And there is no better way to increase your dopamine like seeing these numbers increase.

 The dirty secret is total reach means very little.  If I walk into a bar with a megaphone and get more people to hear me, it would not benefit me. Heck, it might get me punched in the face.

 So, it is high time to stop screaming online and start listening.

Using web analytics for listening

Join Kristin and Jeff as we look at what we have started looking at to stop screaming and start listening to the people we reached online:

  • Total Reach (Okay we still love the dopamine)
  • Bounce Rate and Drop-offs
  • User Flow
  • Facebook Pixels
  • Conversion Rates for opt-ins, contacts, sales pages
  • ROI of tools

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