Episode 81 – Sleep: Your greatest productivity tool

What!!! I cannot sleep, I have too much work

Hey, we understand. Jeff resisted this notion for years. Because the idea that if you sleep more, you can get more work done in less time is counter-intuitive. However, Jeff was researching content on the basics of improving performance. We found lots of evidence that sleep is the foundation of performing at a higher level.

Is sleep the basis of better performance?

Yes, since adopting a few new strategies many of which we learned at Brendon Burchard’s live High Performance Academy (not an affiliate), we have both found an increased level of energy, less time lost to little energy, and greater focus for the entire day.

 The results have been so astounding we have rescheduled our whole content plan at Small Biz HQ to dedicate April 2017 to help our friends and peers.

While researching why we had the improvement, the actual importance of sleep became apparent.

If you do not know, Jeff is a skeptic.  So, he follows up success with research. He looked at all the things we did to improve.  He found that without the sleep, nothing else would have worked as well. Sleep really is the foundation of better performance. Join us as we look at the science of sleep. The benefits of 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night. We also invite you to some of the links below.

We challenge you to find a system, trick, or technique that could help you become more productive than a good night of sleep.  If you do find something share it in the comments below. Jeff would love to research that as well.

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