Episode 83 – Want to get more done? Go have fun

Have you cut out hobbies to get more done? Think again!

In today’s episode, we will be talking a lot about the benefits of hobbies, and they are real.  You can promote the increase of eustress, and decrease your distress.  Essentially, help remove the bad stress and try and replace them with positive stress.

As this happens, you will see less of that horrific morning and work fatigue.  So much like sleep, hobbies are a great way to promote increases in productivity, improved social supports, and do it while having fun.

Want to be successful like Warren Buffet? Try the ukulele

After all, don’t all the gurus tell us to model successful people before they sell us a complex system on helping improve our productivity?  And how many of them told us to spend more time having fun with hobbies.

I am still looking for that guru.  I am so sick of trying to work smarter practicing systems that might help my productivity in about a month of intense practice. I have been looking for magic bullets for years which lead to more work, less fun, worse relationships, and finally burnout.

Do not look for productivity systems that ignore basic human needs

And at the same time, I had less time doing the thing that all people need living life.  It is the relationships that lead us to push to improve ourselves. It is fun and movement that give us the energy to not just get crap done, but live life to the fullest. Put the credit card down today, stand up and scream with me, 

“I will not spend another dollar on productivity systems until I have some fun, sleep, and love my life.”

If you've forgotten how to have fun, where should you start?

Now, we have very similar views on this. However, our view might be work for you.  If not check out what other people's hobbies to look for something you like. Or check out this list of hobbies.  Just be careful and seek out professional help when needed before starting out hobbies that might be dangerous for you. If they are dangerous, it might also cause problems getting insurance. And for Pete’s sake, have fun but be safe.

Kristin's choice for people looking for hobbies is reading

It works the brain and can educate and entertain you. If you can get a physical book, ebooks are great for backup access to reading, but there is nothing like an old fashion book in your hand.

However, do not read books to make you better at your business for a hobby. You need to keep it separated.

Jeff closes his eyes and suggest worldbuilding

Okay, this might be a bit self-serving since he also host’s the Worldbuilder’s Anvil podcast.  However, there is more to it than the selfless self-promotion.

Worldbuilding is the portion of storytelling that builds the setting for stories. It ranges from interesting characters in any story, entire fiction world’s like Gardul, or universes like in Star Wars. The can be strange, futuristic, or realistic.

The reason worldbuilding is a great hobby is it feed curiosity. It prompts people to learn more about how the real world works and exercise our creativity.

Join Kristin and Jeff as they look at using fun to increase productivity.

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