Episode 88 – Want more customers? Improve website navigation

business/career website May 21, 2017

Most of the business owners I have met start thinking about their website in the wrong terms. They worry about how modern or "beautiful" their website looks. 

However, this is the wrong thing. When we start creating the site, our first concern should be how our visitors can find the content, product, or service they are looking for and then focus on how it looks.

Build your website for the audience you want to attract.

I do believe that the style of a website is important. I have left sites that look hideous. However, I mean hideous, not less the perfect or because it looks old.

The most common reason I leave websites is that I cannot find what I am looking for or it is not usable. As soon as I am confused and annoyed, I bounce.

It is not too late for your site

You are not alone if you want your site or be modern and pretty but far too often businesses do not think about what the user will experience on their site. Check out the episode below and learn about the navigation of your site. Start by considering user experience and how you want people to move around your site. It will level your site from average to great. 

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