Episode 152 - Small Business is not 9-5, but that does not mean it is 24/7


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Small business owners are work very hard. Very quickly most learn that it will not be a simple 9 AM to 5 PM job. Join Kristin and Jeff in this episode giving five tips to prevent your small business from becoming a 24/7 job.

The 5 tips no prevent your business from a 24/7 work lifestyle

  1.  You have to learn realistic expectations about what you can get done in a day.
    1. Get the Daily Focus Planner for free  to get through your day better
    2. Join our paid group, Small Biz HQ, if you want to use the daily accountability
  2. Set realistic expectations for your customers
    1. Have hours  you check your business notifications
    2. Tell them what your next available appoint is, even if you have other open time
    3. Schedule email responses
  3. Systems in place so you are not working 90 hour weeks
    1. Episode 151 - Contentment vs. Complacency
    2. Have a budget and use systems to reduce the hours you are working.
    3. "How to work with me" document 
    4. Include your working hours in emails
  4. Set a stop time
    1. Last work block should be review and catchup work for the day
    2. Episode 148 - Learning to sell like a mother with Renee Hribar
  5. Cell phone tips
    1. Get a business line cellphone if you cannot help yourself
    2. Always respond to clients in your preferred method of contact
    3. Do not disturb mode or Mute your phone

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