Episode 67 - Thriving through peak season

Every business has a peak season, whether it is a natural part of your industry or because you are doing a launch. In this episode, we discuss strategies for having a more productive and profitable peak season.

There are three major parts of peak season: planning, peak season, and post-peak wrap-up. We discuss each of these areas in this episode.

Don't think you have a peak season? Every...

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Episode 65 - The one thing you need to do before creating goals

 We are often so excited about creating new goals we reflect on previous ones. In this episode, we discuss how to review old goals before setting new ones. We also discuss a few things you should add to your goals this year.

In this episode, we mentioned:

Jane Tuttle's new blog

Pharmacist Answers Podcast by Cyn Hendrix

Volt Planner


Melissa The Coach  

Listen to the show on ...

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Episode 62 - Improving your focus

When you can't focus, everything takes more time. Since we can't create more time, we need to create more focus. In this episode, we discuss how to improve your focus so you can get more done in less time.   

Steps for improving your focus

  1. Have a morning routine
  2. Step away from your work during lunch
  3. Have a separate work space and be consistent
  4. Stop multitasking
  5. Lower your level of...
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Episode 59 - Using rejection to push forward

We all wish every call and meeting led to a new sale, but hearing "No" is common in business. In this episode, we discuss how to use rejection to push your business forward so you may hear more "Yes" in the future. 

Learn to say "No"

Most small business owners are terrible at saying "No". That is part of the reason that our schedules are overloaded. As you become better at saying "No", it...

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Episode 57 - Phone apps for small business

There are so many apps out there to help you run your business. Which ones are worth downloading? In this episode, we share our favorite small business apps.

Social Media

  • Buffer
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Periscope
  • YouTube Creator Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Photo Director

Calendar and Email

  • Business Calendar 2
  • aCalendar
  • Inbox

Document Management

  •  Office (Word, Excel,...
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Episode 53 - Preparing for disaster

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? How would your business function if you were hit by a natural disaster or your computer died? In this episode, we discuss steps you can take now to make sure your business is prepared.

Start developing a disaster plan

Disasters can take on many different forms. It could be something as simple as your computer crashing to losing your entire home or office....

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Episode 51 - How does back-to-school affect small businesses?

Many small business owners and customers are sending their kids back to school. As fall approaches, what effect does this have on your small business? 


As kids go back to school, parents and teachers will be adjusting their schedules. What does that mean for your small business?

  • More traffic on the roads especially before and after school. Make sure to allow more travel time getting...
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Episode 49 - Stop the excuses

We all have a lot of hurdles that keep us from growing our businesses. In this episode, we address a number of those hurdles including time, money, skills, and fear.


As small business owners, this is often the most cited reason for not being able to grow our businesses. We have found through monitoring our time, we waste a lot. Kristin has beaten over 2,500 levels of candy games. Jeff has...

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Episode 46 - Who are you sharing your dream with?

There are two types of people in this world, the Whys and the Why Nots. In this episode, we discuss these two types of people so you can identify which type you are and see who you are surrounding yourself with. Don't confuse this with your purpose, which is often called your why. 

Who are the Why people?

Why people are those who are constantly asking why you would do something. Sometimes,...

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Episode 43 - Mid-year goals review

Did you create goals at the beginning of the year? Have you been reviewing them on a regular basis? In this episode, we discuss how to review your goals as we reach the middle of the year to celebrate your wins, tweak your goals, and do some introspection to see why you haven't achieved your goals. 

Why should you review your goals now?

Half-way through the year is an excellent time...

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