Episode 113 – Why you need an avatar

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Small business owners can be funny. We spend so much time trying to find better ways to run our businesses, we overload ourselves and get overwhelmed and avoid getting the basic work done that our business needs. We need to a few strategies when starting that we have to get done and in this episode, we are going to explain one, avatar.

Yes, we have talked avatars before

Back in Episode 4 - Who is your ideal customer? and we also talked about your avatar in the sales process in Episode 79 - The 4x4x3 Insight Guide for Sales. If you do not believe us, Russel Brunson covered the subjects in Dot Com Secrets and more in his follow up book Expert Secrets.

The truth is Avatars, Ideal customers, or Perfect customers are not a secret

So Kristin and I decided to do an entire episode talking about why having an avatar is important.

  • Enough people still struggle with identifying their ideal customer
  • In the real world, would you talk to a person without tailoring your message to the individual in front of you?
  • Most people talk to everyone
  • Some have a target market but do not clearly address anyone in the market
  • Use your BANT or MARKETS Data to turn those leads into inquires
  • Allows you to find where they congregate which allows you to
  • Network and engage with your target on or offline which allows you to
  • Tailor your messaging which allows you to
  • Adjust your messaging which allows you to
  • Improves Marketing / Sales which allows you to
  • Reach sales goals faster which allow you to
  • Spend more time on your strategic plan for your business
  • Creating, delivering, or selling
  • Others
    • Visual goals more likely to achieve
      • Include a picture of them before and after
    • Helps you remember they are human
    • You can visual your messaging across your products and service
    • Value Ladder and Growing ideal customer

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