Episode 120 – How to create plans that work for you and your business

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Welcome to the Small Biz Planning club

Kristin and Jeff extend this hand of invitation for you to start planning for success in your business. However, before you join Planning Club, you need to accept the 4 rules of Planning Club.

  • Rule 1 - Do not talk about planning club
  • Rule 2 - Understand the problems with goals and planning
  • Rule 3 - Plan smarter, not smart
  • Rule 4 - Create good foundations for your plans

Rule 1 - Do not talk about planning club

Okay, If you tell people to listen to the episode that is alright.  However, so often we plan and talk about the plan but fail to follow through with execution. So plan well, verify your actions daily and then EXECUTE

Rule 2 - Understand the problems with goals and planning

  • Finding good goals is tough
    • Measuring is a lot of work
  • We struggle to get from Goal to task
    • No idea how to prioritize
  • Life Happens
    • Business and life always plans conflict
  • Too much structure

Rule 3 - Plan smarter, not smart

  • Plans allow us to act, not react
  • Get much more done
  • Momentum and focus on task
  • Helps us prioritize
  • Helps us see progress towards dream
  • Allows us flexibility
  • Covers our Small Biz and Life

Rule 4 - Create good foundations

  • We need a distant goal, dream, or plan
  • Annual plans should get you one step closer to those dreams
    • Tangible and significate
  • Month plans should get you the next thing you need to get to your annual plan
  • Weekly planning should list the tasks you need to get done in week that will allow you to reach monthly goals
  • Daily should cover 6 task you can get done today to get to the Small Biz and Life monthly plans
  • Time Management wise 60% of our time should focus on achieving our goals, 40% should go towards admin and other stuff.
    • Remove or automate task that does not fit in
  • Ask yourself: How does this fit into my plan

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