Episode 71 - What does your task list say about your business?

Your task list can say a lot about your business and your mindset. In this episode, we discuss what your task list says about your business and how to design a task list for success. 

Types of Task Lists

We believe there are three types of task lists: the nonexistent, the mundane, and the dream vision task list. Each of these types of task lists tells us something about your business. 

The nonexistent task list

As the name suggests, this is not having an organized task list. You may have scattered pieces of paper or no list of any kind. These businesses are reactive and operate without a plan. These business owners may have created goals but these goals are often not achieved because there is no plan to achieve them.  

These business owners may believe they have a level of freedom but are often frustrated by their lack of progress. They may have a slow start each morning trying to decide what to do or may get lost in email or social media due to not knowing what the...

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Episode 69 - Making the leap

On January 3rd, Jeff gave his notice at his job to come work for the business full-time. In this episode, we discuss why we decided that now was the time, the planning we have done to get here, and why we gave up half our income to create our dream. 

Why leap?

We determined that in order to keep growing the business, we needed more time. It was becoming very difficult to grow either of the businesses with our current schedules. Time was now the critical factor for continued success.

Since both of us had a job and made almost the same income, we had to look at how much time we could recover. Jeff's job was 40 hours per week, 49 weeks per year. Kristin's job is about 20 hours per week, 8 months of the year and a few hours per week the remaining 4 months. Clearly, we would recover more hours if Jeff left his job. That would also allow him to assist with tax season any other administrative tasks in both of the businesses.

What we did to prepare for the leap

Over the last few years,...

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Episode 67 - Thriving through peak season

Every business has a peak season, whether it is a natural part of your industry or because you are doing a launch. In this episode, we discuss strategies for having a more productive and profitable peak season.

There are three major parts of peak season: planning, peak season, and post-peak wrap-up. We discuss each of these areas in this episode.

Don't think you have a peak season? Every business does. Sometimes, your business has a natural peak season, like retailers. In other businesses, it might be a bit more subtle. If you aren't trying to identify your natural peak season, you might be missing out on sales. Each new launch your business has should also be treated like a peak season. Do you have questions about this episode? Ask in the Facebook group.

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Episode 66 - Podcast basics

Starting a podcast can seem very overwhelming, but it's actually easier than it appears. In this episode, we discuss how to start a podcast, what equipment you'll need, and how to get it out to the world.

Before you start recording

  1. Listen to other podcasts to see what is out there. Take note of the format and length of the show.
  2. Determine what your topic will be. Don't be tempted to over niche your podcast or else you might run out of show ideas. We suggest having a 52-week content calendar to make sure you can at least brainstorm a year worth of topics.
  3. Decide who your ideal listener is. This will help create content your audience will love.
  4. Determine how frequently you will put out new content and estimated show duration. It's better to start with a less frequent schedule as you get your feet wet and increase the frequency if you wish. Don't promise a daily show upfront if you aren't sure that you can deliver that each week. You can always increase your frequency but it is...
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Episode 65 - The one thing you need to do before creating goals

 We are often so excited about creating new goals we reflect on previous ones. In this episode, we discuss how to review old goals before setting new ones. We also discuss a few things you should add to your goals this year.

In this episode, we mentioned:

Jane Tuttle's new blog

Pharmacist Answers Podcast by Cyn Hendrix

Volt Planner


Melissa The Coach  

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Episode 64 - Is your attitude hurting your business?

We have a simple choice to make each morning: do I want to live my life full of negativity or do I want to be a positive person? In this episode, we discuss how to change your attitude to allow more joy and prosperity in your life.   

How is your attitude affecting your business?

People are naturally drawn to positive people because there is so much negativity in the world. Having an optimistic attitude also gives you more energy. If you have ever had a stressful day where most of your thoughts were negative, you know how that can drain your energy. Having a positive attitude also leaves you open to be able to experience new things and allows you to build your business.

Beginning to change your attitude

Here are a few steps to begin changing your attitude for the better. All of these are discussed in detail in the episode.

  1. Admit there is something in your life you are not happy about.
  2. Accept the things in your life that you cannot change and identify the things you...
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Episode 62 - Improving your focus

When you can't focus, everything takes more time. Since we can't create more time, we need to create more focus. In this episode, we discuss how to improve your focus so you can get more done in less time.   

Steps for improving your focus

  1. Have a morning routine
  2. Step away from your work during lunch
  3. Have a separate work space and be consistent
  4. Stop multitasking
  5. Lower your level of distraction
  6. Bring simplicity to your life
  7. Keep your desk clean
  8. Limit work periods to no more than 2 hours and take frequent breaks
  9. Map out your day every morning and visualize your day
  10. Pause throughout the day to refocus

Learn more

Focus at Will

The Power of Habit

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Episode 61 - Differentiating yourself from the competition

How often do you check out what your competition is doing? How often do you look at leaders in your industry to see how they are innovating? In this episode, we discuss how to do market research to strengthen your competitive advantage.   

Reminder: Build your home base

In episode 2, we discussed why it is so important to have a website and not rely strictly on social media. Vine recently announced that it will be shutting down and Twitter is looking (unsuccessfully) for a buyer. As the social media landscape changes, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a website to which you drive traffic.

Differentiating yourself from the competition

Large companies are always doing market research on their competition. Why don't small businesses do this? We think you should. Don't just look at your local competition. Look for businesses in other areas of the country who are succeeding. You can either look in geographic areas that are similar to yours or look on social...

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Episode 60 - Downtime is important

As small business owners, we think we need to GO, GO, GO!!! In this episode, we discuss why downtime is important for you physically, mentally, and emotionally.   

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Episode 59 - Using rejection to push forward

We all wish every call and meeting led to a new sale, but hearing "No" is common in business. In this episode, we discuss how to use rejection to push your business forward so you may hear more "Yes" in the future. 

Learn to say "No"

Most small business owners are terrible at saying "No". That is part of the reason that our schedules are overloaded. As you become better at saying "No", it becomes easier for you to hear it. It helps give you clarity, knowing that not every proposed business relationship is a good fit. It will also help you better assess if a customer is a good fit for your business.

Incorporate rejection into your metrics

Good sales people do not just look at how many deals they close. They also look at the number of connections made, meetings set, and follow-up calls. This allows them to see how many proposals must be made to book a sale. When you move away from sales metrics and start focusing on other key goals, it is easier to hear rejection because you...

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