Episode 119 - How to improve your customer communication

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The key to sales is effectively communicating your message. In this episode, Kristin and Jeff discuss tips for improving your communication online and in-person.

Tips for improving general communication

  • When speaking to a crowd (social media, email, sales pages, speaking engagements, video, etc.), always speak to your avatar. 
  • Target your messaging for the platform. Your message will be slightly different depending on the medium you are using, whether it is Facebook, email, in-person, or a sales page. Know the best practices for each platform.
  • Speak their language, not yours. Do research on the terms your customers use when discussing your products and services. Avoid industry jargon. 
  • Use analogies to convey complex concepts.
  • Always use low noise environments and avoid interruptions on live video, webinars, and phone calls.
  • Always phrase questions to generate a positive response. Getting a customer in the habit of saying yes increases the chance of getting a yes when selling.
  • Check the readability of all of your content in SEO Yoast or Flesch Reading Ease. Typical web content is written at an 8th-grade reading level. 

Tips for customer service calls

  • Focus on first impressions.
  • Listen, think, then respond. Keep a level head.
  • Prioritize calls
    • Avoid the hold button.
    • Have voicemail intro that explains the importance of customer service.
    • Call back in a timely manner.
    • Use the golden rule.

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