Episode 136 - How to grow your business without working for free

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As business owners, we often feel the pressure to give away our work for free. For new service providers, it can feel especially tempting.

This idea does make us feel good in the short term, however, they can lead to stress later on when we are desperately trying to get more money to feed our families. Join Kristin and Jeff as they look at three things will allow you to help people while growing your business.


Share your knowledge

Build your own business


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Episode 121 – No more excuses

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Are you stuck in a funk growing your small biz?  Have you been putting off improving your health? Have your relationships suffered? Have you not been sleeping? It is the time that we all start living the small biz life and stop being lived by it. #NoExcuses 

You are not alone

Kristin and I have spent much of 2017 with you. We have had many excuses. Some real, but most where just extensions of our fear. Leading us to waste a lot of time, that is so precious. Join us in this podcast episode as we look at some of our biggest excuses, and some of the excuses we hear all the time. And how we can start working past them to live a year with no more excuses.

Any of these problems sound familiar?

  • What held us back?
    • Small goals
    • Using the pregnancy as an excuse early in the pregnancy
    • Lack of focus
    • Fear of selling
    • Too much to do, not enough planning
  • What is...
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Episode 116 – Surviving the Holidays

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Holidays can be crazy!

Especially if you run a small business.  In the United States, it seems the craziness from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day can destroy us.  However, we do not have the Rocket War Day every Easter Day like in Chios island in Greece. It takes surviving the holidays to a whole new level.

Survival is key if you want to thrive a holiday season like we talked about in Episode 67 - Thriving through peak season. However, not everyone is busy during the holidays. If we are slow sometimes survival is more difficult so this year Kristin and I decided to look at both.


  1. Get organized before the rush
    1. Remember what worked and what didn’t last year
  2. Stay organized during the rush
  3. Hire help! Lots of college students come home around the beginning of December
  4. Cross train your staff


  1. Get some planning done for next...
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Episode 98 - What to do when your plan fails

We all experience failure at one time or another. Successful business owners learn from their failures and keep going. In this episode, we discuss how to learn from failure to increase your success next time.

What to do when your plan fails

Jeff and Kristin discuss the following items this week:

  • First thing is to accept that your plans can (and sometimes will) fail
    • Understand there is risk
    • Go in with eyes wide open
    • Try not to risk it all for an opportunity
  • Own it!
  • Understand the damage
  • List out what when wrong
  • Determine what can be salvaged
  • Determine if there are other wins
  • Make a new plan to move forward
  • Breathe and smile
  • Keep moving
  • Learn from it

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Episode 77 – Letting go of perfectionism

In our journey meeting small business owners, we keep seeing the problem of perfectionism. And yes it is a problem.

We love improving processes.  We also know that the sooner we can identify and correct errors the easier they are to correct. However, we have noticed that most incarnations of perfectionism are holding people back from the success they deserve.

They approach the problem of perfectionism with good intentions. However, as they fill up their life with more and more tasks, they end up with hurting themselves. They trap themselves in a loop that makes it impossible to move forward in life.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Do not let your perfectionism be the pavement

In order to better address the issue, we found a wonderful series of articles over at the website Personal Excellence. Celes put together three wonderful articles on the subject on these topics.

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Episode 70 - Eliminating your limiting beliefs

In this episode, Jeff and Kristin discuss limiting beliefs and how they might stop you from reaching your potential. We also discuss ways to eliminate your limiting beliefs.

What are limiting beliefs?

A limiting belief is an internal belief you have about yourself that limits your potential and ability to dream. Unlike fears, limiting beliefs are generally focused on you and your abilities. These are the voices in your head that tell you you aren't good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough. Often, these are voices from our past and you will hear them in other people's voices. Sometimes, these voices are our own voice from the past. These moments in our life have cemented a belief about ourself, very often a negative one. 

Identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs

Typically, limiting beliefs pop up when we challenge ourselves and unknowingly challenge the limiting belief we hold. Many people encountered this when taking the Dream Catcher Assessment. If this was the case for...

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Episode 65 - The one thing you need to do before creating goals

 We are often so excited about creating new goals we reflect on previous ones. In this episode, we discuss how to review old goals before setting new ones. We also discuss a few things you should add to your goals this year.

In this episode, we mentioned:

Jane Tuttle's new blog

Pharmacist Answers Podcast by Cyn Hendrix

Volt Planner


Melissa The Coach  

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Episode 53 - Preparing for disaster

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? How would your business function if you were hit by a natural disaster or your computer died? In this episode, we discuss steps you can take now to make sure your business is prepared.

Start developing a disaster plan

Disasters can take on many different forms. It could be something as simple as your computer crashing to losing your entire home or office. You should take steps now to ensure that you are prepared. Here are a few things to think about as you start to put together your plan:

  1. What types of disasters could affect my business?
  2. Who are my most valuable people?
  3. What are my most valuable assets?
  4. Which documents need to be protected?

Protecting your papers from disaster

Most business have a lot of important documents. Here are some tips for protecting those documents:

  1. Scan all important documents, including your passport, licence, business licences, and tax returns.
  2. Consider a safe deposit box for documents that are hard or impossible...
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Episode 49 - Stop the excuses

We all have a lot of hurdles that keep us from growing our businesses. In this episode, we address a number of those hurdles including time, money, skills, and fear.


As small business owners, this is often the most cited reason for not being able to grow our businesses. We have found through monitoring our time, we waste a lot. Kristin has beaten over 2,500 levels of candy games. Jeff has gotten hundreds of character levels in games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. We can't even count how many hours we waste on social media. Do we all need down time? Absolutely! However, we often feel like we need more downtime because we aren't being intentional with it. Creating a time budget will allow you to be intentional with your time. It is based on the same theory as the zero based budget for your money. When you become more intentional with your time, you will get more done and enjoy your downtime more. 


It often feels like you need a huge amount of money to start a business....

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Episode 47 - Trolls, haters, and critics

When you put yourself and your business in the public eye, you are going to face critics. In this episode, we discuss how to assess critics to determine if the criticism is valid and how to deal with it. 

Types of Critics

There are many types of critics out there. Some may have good intentions but many do not. Assessing which type of critic you are being confronted with helps you deal with them better.


Trolls are people who go around the internet trying to get a rise out of people. They thrive on pissing people off. Their criticism is typically not valid as they do not have a personal stake in your business and are just trying to get you to react angrily.


Haters are people who have a personal stake in taking you down. This are different from trolls because haters are targeting you for some reason. Either they do not like your success or they are competitors that are trying to take you down. You cannot make these people happy and you should probably take their...

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